The Story

In the early 90's, Jon Canaan was originally educated and trained in emergency medicine, becoming a search and rescue instructor, and Nationally Registered licensed Paramedic.    He enjoyed making a positive impact in the community.  During this time while working in EMS, he met and married his wife Talitha, who worked alongside him as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Jon worked for a number of years as an active paramedic,  however, being creative, as well as technically and artistically minded, he always had a natural talent for the arts, with an entrepreneurial vision.   

Always willing to give back, he found himself assisting with private events, sound, and technical needs of others.  Jon would be offered the opportunity to be the principal provider of sound, lighting and media services for multiple events, increasing in size and technical difficulty.  

Jon began building the company as Jon Canaan Sound and Light.  He provided sound and lighting for churches, weddings, and corporate events.  His talents for event production and live sound were quickly noticed by clients, and the demand for increased services was apparent.  Canaan Sound & Light was officially established several years later, along with his wife Talitha, who continued to share the vision.  The company quickly expanded services to become one of the leading production companies in the Sacramento area.  

Now, with over 20 years experience owning and operating a successful company, Jon still remains a licensed California paramedic, though concentrates his full time efforts on Canaan Sound and Light, Inc. that incorporated in 2016.  

His critical thinking and quick problem solving skills learned as a paramedic continue to prove as essential qualities necessary to produce high quality events.  

Talitha went on to become an MSN (Masters Degree prepared Nurse) and then anesthetist, providing anesthesia services in the community. After years of working as a university professor, and in the health care field, Talitha continues with Canaan Sound & Light, Inc. as Operational Support, and an integral member of the team.  

Currently, Canaan Sound & Light, Inc. works with teams of experienced system engineers, mix engineers, lighting designers, riggers and producers to provide the client and artists with the experience they envision.