THE CRYSTAL METHOD, Concerts in the Park #12, Last show for the 2018 Season

This would be our 60th Concert in the Park in a span of 5 years, and this was the one I was looking the most forward to. This was also the first CIP in 27 years that brought an LED wall and more lighting than ever. We provided the sound for the event and of course, had to bring in more subwoofers for the content of the show. I spent many years mountain biking in the mid 90's listening to The Crystal Method and this show was very exciting, especially meeting Scott who is now the only one in The Crystal Method. We talked backstage for about 20 minutes and it was awesome, he gave me the whole history of his music. The crowd was huge and we had an amazing time. 


Rancho Murieta Concert #1, 10 From 6 (Bad Company Tribute)

Our first Rancho Murieta show of the year ran perfectly. The band was awesome and a super nice group of guys from the midwest. This was a busy day since we also had an event at Niello Porsche celebrating the 70th year of the fantastic brand. The crew was split up a bit, but we sailed through it.. 

 Lighting provided by Cloud Parade Productions

Lighting provided by Cloud Parade Productions


Center High School Graduation 2018

This was the 3rd year we have provided sound for this graduation. This high school has a gorgeous football field and very helpful staff. We covered the bleachers with (3) JBL VRX, the in field graduate area with (4) VRX, and the smaller bleacher section with (2) EV ETX 12P speakers. We are huge fans of the Whirlwind CATDUSA which allows us to send 4 channels of audio in either direction 100's of feet over an Ethercon reel. This particular day was incredibly windy, but we got through it.


Concerts in the Park #3 2018, Franz Ferdinand.

This was predicted to be the biggest night ever in the 27 year history of Concerts in the Park and all predictions were right, a record sized crowd. We arrived at 9 am for this whirlwind of a day. The music was incredible and we had a blast. Our crew was split this day since we were also doing the Niello Audi Quattro Cup across town. Busy day.


2 Day 'Every 15 Minutes' program at Cosumnes Oaks High School, Elk Grove

We have had the honor of doing sound and video projection for many schools in the Sacramento County area for their Every 15 Minutes program. This event was probably the largest we have ever done with a whopping 1,200 students in attendance. First day is the crash scene. We mic up the fire department, CHP and the young intoxicated driver. Full vehicle extrication, ambulance and helicopter transport, coroner steps in to remove one of the victims, and a complete DUI evaluation by CHP and arrest. The second day is in the gymnasium and the victims of the event read letters to their parents, and we show the video production that was filmed the day before of the event. It's a great program and we look forward to many more.


Production Support for Pepe Aguilar Tour, Oracle Arena, Oakland

We had the opportunity to provide (16) of our JBL VTX V20 speakers and Crown I-Tech 4x3500 amplifiers for the Pepe Aguilar Tour on their Oracle Arena in Oakland date. We had never done a show with a full rodeo in the center of it and it was a great experience. The 30+ dump trucks of dirt made load in a little tricky, but everything ran smoothly. We were hired by First Born Productions, LLC out of Texas who provided the rest of the production equipment and they were easy to work with.  


New Years Eve, Old Town Sacramento

Living in West Sacramento, we have known about this event for years and it was an honor to be invited to do sound and lighting for it. We did sound and lighting for the main stage on L Street and worked with one of our favorite bands, Thunder Cover. We also set up speakers along the riverfront for the firework show sound track. ABC10 was doing a live broadcast and we connected their wireless transmitter for the audio, but by the time the crowd filled in the space, the signal was temporarily lost. The broadcast truck called me and asked if I could raise up their transmitter, so for the rest of the 15 minute show, I held their device above my head and it worked great. The event was spectacular and we really had a great time.

IMG_0513 2.jpg

California Museum UNITY Celebration, August 21-26, Sacramento.

The California Museum in downtown Sacramento was opening a new section of the museum and had 3 different events on the property throughout the week. We were honored to provide sound, staging and video for all 3 days. These images are from the different days, in no real order. On the first evening, we had the honor of doing sound for Common, The Governor, The Mayor, CA Secretary of State and the Attorney General.


McCalls Motorworks Revival VIP Event, Montery Jet Center, August 16

This is truly one of our favorite events of the year. We love the people, the theme, the weather, the location, and on and on. This is a VIP party that kicks off 'motor week' in Monterey. It features incredible cars, planes, helicopter and motorcycles and is a fundraiser to benefit the CHP 11-99 Foundation. We put sound inside the massive hanger, and on the tarmac outside. I DJ and MC for the first 3 hours, and then we have another DJ, drummer and guitarist play party music for the last hour and a half. We really look forward to next August.



This was our second year doing this event. This year, Chris Robinson (Black Crows Alum) was the headlining artist. We had 5 bands from noon to 10 pm, and 4 of them brought their own sound engineers. We flew the main P.A. and set the subs down the night before, which really helped speed up the morning of the show. We used (18) JBL VTX V20 Main Speakers, (8) JBL VTX G28 Subwoofers, and (7) JBL VTX M22 Monitors. The frustrating part is, we can only turn the system up to about 1/3, but the cool part is, everyone is super easy going and not a single drink got put on my subwoofers. The crowd also did an amazing job at cleaning up after themselves, it was stunning. One cool part of the day was one of the bands started playing the song 'Spirit In The Sky', and then an older gentleman with a cane walked on stage and started singing. This man was Norman Greenbaum, the guy who wrote and recorded the song originally. It was really cool to meet him since we love that song. We had a good day and the 75º weather was dreamy.

 Norman Greenbaum

Norman Greenbaum

 Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

 Thank you Josh Rosato for bringing us in again this year.

Thank you Josh Rosato for bringing us in again this year.

Rancho Murieta Concert Series

This is our second year doing stage and sound in Rancho Murieta for their 5 summer concerts. These are unique events and we really have a good time. This year, they added a 3 phase power cam lock panel that saves me a lot of time.

 We build a 32'x20'x3' stage with drum riser.

We build a 32'x20'x3' stage with drum riser.

 On the July 4th weekend show, we had a patriotic fly over.

On the July 4th weekend show, we had a patriotic fly over.

 Talitha mixing monitors

Talitha mixing monitors