Last Concert of 2016. 'Devil Makes Three', Grass Valley December 28.

The promoter brought us in the provide the main PA, and console and mixing for the 2 piece opener. We had never been to this venue before, but it was cool. We were surprised this 1,000 capacity room had 3 phase power service on both sides of the small stage. We arrived at 8:15 am, and setup went smoothly. The band brought their own lighting and Front of House Engineer, who also happened to be their tour manager. Really nice people and a fun event. The crowd went crazy for this band.

Burger Battle, Cesar Chavez Park

This is the 3rd year we have been asked to do this event and it's really a lot of fun. Benefitting the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, 15 area restaurants compete for the best burger. The event always sells out and the crowd is fun. This year, we did sound for our good friends, The Island of Black & White. We had a great time and look forward to next year.

McCalls Motorworks Revival VIP Event, Monterey Jet Center, August 17, 2016.

This event has really become the highlight of our year. This was the 25th Anniversary of this event and our 2nd. This is the VIP event for the Monterey Auto Week and is usually attended by some really awesome people. This year, we got to meet Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd. The event itself is a showcase of exotic cars, planes and other fine things and we were responsible for the sound, announcements, and staging. This event takes us around 5 hours to set up, and 3 hours to take down and we all seem to have an absolute blast.

Petaluma Music Festival, Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, August 6, 2016

We were brought in to provide sound for the main stage at this festival and we were really excited. This was a 1 day festival and would include 5 bands, and multiple guest sound engineers on our stage. We brought (16) JBL VTX V20 mains, (8) JBL VTX G28 subs, JBL VRX Front Fill's, and JBL SRX wedges and side fill subs. The sound was amazing. We had to be careful about where sound went, so we set the subs in a cardioid pattern keeping most of the low end off the stage, and aimed the sound down the middle. The people in charge of the event told us it was the best sound they have ever had in their 9 year history and they look forward to seeing us next year. We are of course in for that..  

Fireworks & Freedom Concert, El Dorado Hills, July 3.

We really look forward to this annual event in El Dorado Hills and this is our 5th year of doing it. 22,000+ people emerge onto the Town Center and it's a blast. This year, we were doing our usual stage, sound and lighting, but we got to do sound for some friends of ours, APPLE Z. This event was an absolute blast. The band was having a great time along with the crowd and of course our team. What a fun night!

Rancho Murieta concert, The Rising (Bruce Springsteen Tribute)

This was our second concert in Rancho Murita and we had TWO bands. Rockin' Down The Highway was a local Doobie Brothers Tribute, and The Rising was from Los Angeles. It was a really hot day so we arrived an hour earlier. We setup our 32'x20'x3' stage and sound and Josh Rosato brought in all of the lighting and trussing. It was a really fun night and the crowd loved these bands. We also had an amazing fly over by a local pilot for the 4th of July weekend.

Rancho Murieta Concert, FOREVERLAND, June 11, 2016.

This was the first concert of our season for Rancho Murieta. The first band was FOREVERLAND, a 14 piece Michael Jackson Tribute. We were providing the 32'x20'x3' stage and sound and Josh Rosato was providing all the lighting. This event ran smoothly and sounded amazing in that grass bowl of a venue. We ground stacked (4) JBL VTX V20's on top of (2) G28 Subwoofers. It amazed me how the sound was clear and punchy in all seats of the venue. We look forward to the next one.

McClellen Conference Center Grand Opening Event, February 2016.

We were asked to provide a 40'x32'x3' stage, sound and lighting for multiple events in the same room for 3 days. The first night was a concert that used the stage, the second day was a large dance competition and the 3rd day was the actual Grand Opening with live music. We teamed up with another company to provide a stage that large. It's always nice to hear the VTX in action, but wished we could have turned it up..

TEDx Sacramento, February 2016

We were asked to provide sound for the TEDx Sacramento Conference and we were very excited. This was the first time we used our new JBL VTX system. We brought in our JBL Rep, Keith Erickson to tune the system to this massive, 3 balcony venue with an overall height of 60'. The arc of the array had to be rather steep to reach the upper balcony and we used 4 JBL VRX speakers along the downstage edge as front fill. The 3 JBL G28 Subs were placed in a cardioid pattern to keep bass frequencies off the stage. The system ran perfectly and the sound was amazing in every seat. 

Deschutes Brewery Street Pub event

A brewery was coming to town and they set up a 400' long 'pub' in the middle of 2 city blocks. They called us to bring in our stage, sound and lighting for the concert part of it. This event was a really long day, but was a lot of fun. We love setting up in the middle of a blocked off street downtown.

Our full set up required both trailers.

Our full set up required both trailers.

McCalls Motorweek Revival VIP Party, Monterey Jet Center

This event will forever be in our top 3 favorite events. For the last 24 years, Molly and Gordon McCall have hosted a very exclusive VIP party for celebrities and the top 1% of society at the Monterey Jet Center during the world famous 'Motorweek' in Monterey. We were asked to provide 18 JBL VRX speakers throughout 2 giant jet hangers, DJ and MC the event. We worked with a few other companies to make the event work smoothly and it was a blast from start to finish. We really look forward to 2016 and we thank Hip Entertainment for bringing us in.

Fashion Show Fundraiser, El Macero Country Club, Davis.

This is a new event for us and we were really glad we were allowed to set the whole thing up the day before. We brought in Chris to help with the staging, lighting and sound and then Talitha and Mike went the next morning to start the event. I was doing a DUI Sentencing in Orangevale and got there right before the fashion show portion happened. The non profit that benefits form this event is called CASA. They are a group of people who represent foster children with their court dealings. This fundraising event has taken place for over 50 years and it was well done. Two of the fashion designers presenting at the show were on the TV show 'Project Runway'. It was a fun event.

Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration, El Dorado Hills Town Center.

This is an 11 year tradition in this town center and it's the largest 'production' they have done for this event. We were doing our stage, lighting and sound for a 5 piece jazz band with a few large, vocal Christmas Carol groups. It was a bit rainy while we set up, but after lunch, the rain never came back. It was a really fun event. It was nice to do an event with jackets on since we had a very long and hot summer of events. We brought in Mike and Ryan to help with this one and Talitha handled sound from hooking up the board, to sound check, to the actual show, she did the whole thing and did a fantastic job on her new Midas PRO1. We hope to do this event next year as well.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Photo by Travis Turner Photography.

Doug Pauly and 5 For Dinner

Doug Pauly and 5 For Dinner

Mike and Ryan working hard.

Mike and Ryan working hard.

Niello Porsche Cayenne Launch, Westfield Galleria.

This event came up with not much notice. We were attending a concert in the area on the night of setup, but since we can't access the area with our equipment until after the mall closes, we went to the concert and then started our setup around 11:30 at night. It's nice to have everything set up the night before, but it sets us up for a late night. We had a DUI Sentencing event the next morning, so this was a busy 2 days. The event ran smoothly and was open to the public. The new Cayenne is not much different than the older version, but still cool cars.

A hard working crew.

The Niello Experience, Sacramento Auto Show, Cal Expo.

Every year, we love to participate in this Auto Show at Cal Expo. This year, we got back to the larger scale production. We set this event up 3 days before the show opens and I LOVE that aspect. It gives me a few days to tweak things and get things the way they need to be. The show runs for 3 days and it requires a startup each morning and a shutdown each evening, but other that that, it's really self sufficient. We thank The Niello Company for another fantastic year.

Niello Concours de Elegance, Serrano.

We have been doing this event for many years now and it's always cool. This was a unique year, since Maserati was celebrating 100 years and this called for a special set up. I subcontracted out  a very large trussing structure with a large 'M' in the middle. We needed to provide some sort of shade on this patio, since year after year, it gets pounded with sun. The weather was in the low 90's. We set up the day before, and we provided sound on the Maserati patio. We were also providing sound and video for the Walnut Creek Bentley display down the hill. Another fun year down, looking forward to 2015.