Kyla & Adam Wedding, Sheridan, CA.

Way out in a small town called Sheridan, is a very unique wedding venue. It's a farm house and barn setting with plenty of space all around. The owners of the property allow weddings to happen on the property and they only ask for a relatively small donation to their non profit organization that helps needy families. They only take out their cost for the events, and don't profit from it. This is a very unique business model for a wedding venue. The only negative I can say about the day is, it was 105ยบ, which is always a challenge for outdoor weddings. The crowd was a blast and we had a lot of fun. The bride is very creative and she created a little card on each table telling guests if they have a request, ask the DJ.. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen a bride do for a DJ. It really eased the usual stress some people have when approaching a DJ. It was like we were friends with everyone instantly and it really made a difference. The groomsmen wore M1 shell casings on their lapels, and they were spent shells from the groom's grandfathers funeral. Very unique and cool. This wedding really was a great time. CONGRATULATIONS KYLA AND ADAM!!