Live on the Boulevard FOLSOM SYMPHONY Concert

Every once in a while, an event opportunity comes along that will challenge our technical expertise. This was that event. Live on the Boulevard added an extra night this year and as a bonus, was hosting the 70 piece Folsom Symphony. This took a few months of planning, meetings, coordination and talking to a lot of other sound people for their opinion on how to correctly give this sort of performance appropriate sound reinforcement without changing the natural dynamic of the instruments or artistry. I asked them how they usually do sound when they go outdoors, and their response was, 'we've never played outside'. Well then, looks like we are all in for an educational experience. We decided to go with 12 overhead mics in key areas containing softer instruments. The Harp and Keyboard ran direct, and with some wireless mics, we got this huge group down to 19 input channels. We also had to take extra care not to aim the lighting in anyones eyes, but they still needed to read the sheet music. The evening ran incredibly smoothly, and I will never forget the incredible sound of the John Williams 'Star Wars' theme. Maestro Michael Neumann was a pure delight to work with. I can't believe all of these people are volunteers. Thank you Folsom Symphony, it was a great night. I still get chills just thinking about it.