Jhene Aiko Concert, Red Lion Hotel, Sacramento

We had DUI Sentencing event early in the morning of this day, but then went and helped the crew set this concert event. United Audio Services brought us in to provide our main VRX speakers, lifts, truss, lighting, staging, and LS9-32 console. CTM Sound was also brought in to help with subwoofers and monitors. We had a team of about 6 working that day and the setup went smoothly. Because we were using 6 dual 18 subs, 8 VRX, monitors and a lot of lighting, we had to bring in a 3 phase distro. Luckily this particular stage has 3 phase outlets available. The show ran well, and we were able to work with the sometimes very edgy tour manager. Jhene brought in close to 2,000 people, which is very impressive for this venue.