July 3 Fireworks Jubilee, El Dorado Hills Town Center.

This is one event we really look forward to every year. This was our third year doing this event and it just seems to keep getting bigger somehow. They estimated over 23,000 people and the town center spends a lot of time and money in the strategic planning of managing this many people safely. We start our set up at 10 am and we put up the full stage, sound and lighting. I brought in Chris, Ira, Tony and later Mike and Ryan. Of course Talitha is always hauling and setting gear as well. The band was a 14 piece Michael Jackson Tribute and they were AMAZING! They were incredibly professional, super easy to work with and streamlined like crazy. They brought their own in ear monitor rig and gave us their 24 channel fan of inputs, it was brilliant. It still amazes us this band has as many members as it does, traffic from the Bay Area delayed them almost 2 hours, and we still had plenty of time for the show since they were so fast at setting up. The crowd went nuts for this band and they were really fun to do sound and lighting for. Last year, this date was around 106º, which made this date of 94º way easier. The event was awesome, the firework show was cool and we were pulling away around 1:30 am. A very long day, but we love this event. Can't wait for next year.