Petaluma Music Festival, Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, August 6, 2016

We were brought in to provide sound for the main stage at this festival and we were really excited. This was a 1 day festival and would include 5 bands, and multiple guest sound engineers on our stage. We brought (16) JBL VTX V20 mains, (8) JBL VTX G28 subs, JBL VRX Front Fill's, and JBL SRX wedges and side fill subs. The sound was amazing. We had to be careful about where sound went, so we set the subs in a cardioid pattern keeping most of the low end off the stage, and aimed the sound down the middle. The people in charge of the event told us it was the best sound they have ever had in their 9 year history and they look forward to seeing us next year. We are of course in for that..