Our business is growing and we need good, reliable and professional people. Our busy season runs from April to November, but we certainly need help in between. We are based in Sacramento and 98% of our events are within an hour of Sacramento.


Seasonal PER DIEM Labor, PRODUCTION TECHNICIAN and Audio Engineers

Canaan Sound & Light is a Sacramento based provider of professional event services including concert sound, staging, lighting, corporate A/V and video projection and stands on a 20-year record of success and growth. We strive to deliver consistent quality with a friendly approach to all of our event services. Our events range in size from a small 25 person event to a 10,000+ person event and daily duties vary. We encourage Front of House (FOH) Engineers, Monitor Engineers and anyone with stage experience to apply. At this time, we are not looking for Lighting Designers. 

Our mission is to provide a variety of event production services with passion, imagination and ingenuity.


This position is hourly and is flexible. Set up and possible operation of small to large-scale audio systems, staging, manual lifts, chain lifts, trussing structures, stage and general venue lighting, most commonly outdoor environments, while prioritizing client satisfaction. Must be able to learn efficient stage 'pinning', split snake operation, mic and general input flow with festival style band change overs. Occasional pipe and drape and video projection setup and strike.


Warehouse managing, show prep, general equipment maintenance. Clean driving record required, must have own reliable transportation. Possible company vehicle driving while towing a trailer (based on experience). Possible install work if interested. Live mixing experience is a plus.


This position is open to experienced live sound engineers only. Background in recording is a plus, but actual live sound experience is required. Engineer must have the ability to effectively utilize dynamics, effects, EQ and have the ability to efficiently manage band sound checks and handle monitor mixes from Front of House when we do not have a monitor console. We use Midas and Soundcraft consoles (PRO 1, PRO 2, M32, and M32R, Vi3000). On occasion, iPad mix operation is required. We will provide specific console training, experience with digital consoles is advisable. Duties may include monitor mixing, front of house mixing, system setup, operation and strike. Knowledge of SMAART is a plus. Between May and September, this position is needed at least 3 days a week.

Key Job Responsibilities

Equipment Operation

Accurate, timely and careful setup, operation, and breakdown of audio, lighting, staging and truss equipment as listed in the Required Duties section.

Customer Service

Strives to exceed the expectations and needs of internal and external clients and always being mindful of the importance of the client relationship.

Technical Ability

We will provide training on our particular sound, stage, and lighting systems and our method of trailer or truck load, load in, event operation and load out. A basic understanding of audio systems is expected. 

Required BackgrounD for Technical Positions

2 years of customer service or experience in some capacity.

1 year of live audio and stage experience in real world environment is required. Concert Touring and Lighting experience is a bonus, but not required.

Degree or formal training in audio is cool, but job experience is preferred.

Required Duties

Have an understanding of proper cable management (’over under’ winding). Careful handling of speakers, mics, stands, trussing, projection screens, projectors, LED monitors, mix consoles, lifts, lighting, cables, and amp racks. Able to team lift stage decks, stair units and support parts, truss components, speaker cabinets, subwoofers, large mix consoles, large projection screens, pipe and drape, base plates, sand bags, chain hoists, feeder cable and other large power cables, large signal cables, power distros, able to safely operate large ‘Genie’ style lifts, and crank stands.*Ability to work in HOT outdoor environments is required during our concert season. We expect our crew to arrive at job locations with their own daily hydration and food. On certain jobs, food and hydration will be provided, or available within a short distance.

Additional Information:

Our peak season starts in May and runs through September. Crew members will be in contact with high-end audio equipment, heavy staging, truss structures and lifts supporting weight, electrical components, and will occassionally be exposed to heights via lifts and ladders. Working times can include irregular hours including days, split shifts, evenings, and weekends. Team members must adhere to basic appearance guidelines that are event and weather dependant (a corporate event is different attire than a long day of outdoor concerts). Safety is highest priority, promptness to jobs is the next highest priority.

  • Demonstrates strong work ethic and the ability to work well with others

  • Ability to take direction

  • Calm and mild tempered under pressure, is courteous to staff, guests & performers at all times

  • Deals constructively with conflict and responds professionally

  • Reliable and dependable-must have own transportation

  • Flexibility with schedule is a must, evenings and weekends are the most often schedule

  • Appearance guidelines will be discussed, company shirts/outer clothing will be provided

  • Alcohol consumption is not allowed during work hours

  • Foul language is strongly discouraged

  • We have a 2 hour minimum, and some jobs can run 10-14 hours, with the occasional out of town event (hotel & transportation provided).

 We discourage egos and attitudes and expect a team mentality.


$12 to $25 per hour depending on experience and skill level.

You will need to fill out an I-9 and W-2 for employment. We utilize Talent Services based in Washington for our staffing needs and if you are selected, we will send the required legal documents to them. Once you are in their data base, there are a few other production companies that use the same agency, which could really benefit you. Technically you are their employee, but we hire you. Workers Comp Insurance is covered through them as well. If you carry your own insurance, we can discuss conditions associated with that sort of hiring process.

Job Location

Sacramento Area, California, US

Position TypeS

On Call, Seasonal